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Vintage America Found in Retro Travel and Transportation Art At one time in American history, travel and tourism was a business that was advertised exclusively through art posters, prints, movies and newspapers. Toward the end of the nineteenth century throughout the mid-twentieth brought many changes to tourism, because of the evolution of transportation. Travel became not only a luxury for the fabulously wealthy but for middle-class families and entrepreneurs. People with expendable income were able to visit places they had never been within U.S. borders ? by airplane, cruise ships, train or by automobile. Artists who were able to capture the spirit of adventure in America used colorful designs and handmade paintings on Giclee, canvas and prints. Those art renderings were then transferred as magazine covers and advertising posters. Decorative fonts and detailed scenes made it possible for everyone to see pictures of what these faraway cities might look like. The advent of the camera eventually put painted tourism ads to rest, moving them into a category of vintage art collectibles.