Art Deco (11 - 20)

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Many of the features in an art deco paintings and prints have patterns with overlapping graphics, aerodynamic designs, and geometrical allure. If you owned or talked about one of these interesting art pieces, you would automatically be presumably sophisticated or elegant. Some art deco paintings used alternative materials, rather than just traditional painting on canvas. Torn paper, string and foreign substances were added to enhance the structure and complication of the contemporary appeal. Yet, each piece has a clean design with definitive lines and easy-to-understand abstracts. For example ? a mocha java in a coffee mug; pouring wine glass; travel destination or woman could be depicted in a way that it was obvious what the subject matter was about. This is in contrast to the paintings of yesteryear, in the 17th ? 19th century when paintings offered realism, abstract or self portrait and landscape images.