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We will try to inform you of any anticipated delays in the completion of your order, and we check continuously for orders that may have slipped through a crack. However, if your order is taking longer than expected, and you haven't heard from us please feel free to contact us.

If your order has been delayed in shipment please let us know - we may have more success getting it back on track - or if it appears to have been lost or damaged we can begin reprocessing your order immediately.


We do our best to keep the information on our site up-to-date, but there is usually a delay of at least a day between an item going out of stock and our database being updated. There is a small chance that a print listed on our site is actually out of stock.

If a print you order is out of stock we will back order it for you (i.e. we will keep the order active and ship your order complete when the missing print is back in stock). We rely on information from publishers to know when a print will be back in stock, and we try to pass on as much of this information to our customers. Unfortunately this information is not always available, and even when it is available it is not always accurate.

Partial Shipments

If an item remains back ordered for more than two weeks we will automatically ship whatever prints in your order are in stock and keep any other items on back order.

Shipping Problems

Our shippers are quite reliable, but occasionally an order is lost or damaged in transit.

Lost Shipments

We will reprocess your order as soon as we have determined that it has been lost. For traceable shipments, we will have an inquiry initiated, and if the shipper cannot locate the parcel we will reship. If the shipment is international, it may take several weeks before determining that the package has been lost. In either case, we will handle any paperwork required by the shipper and if the shipment is deemed lost, we will reship your order as quickly as possible.

Damaged Shipments

If you receive a damaged package, please refuse delivery and contact us as soon as possible.For our RETURN policy please see our FAQ page .

Since we deal with so many different products and options, the occasional mistake is made. If you receive the wrong print, or a service has been applied incorrectly, please contact us as soon as possible - we will correct the mistake as soon as possible