Kitchen Decor (41 - 50)

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Will Rafuse bio: Will was born in Calgary, Alberta and has had a passion for art from a very early age. His education led to a career in Illustration and Computer Graphic Art, but was soon followed by painting full time. Working exclusively in oils, Will is best known for his bold use of color and the ability to give both personality and vibrance to the subjects that he paints. The slightly animated twist ofhis characters have led to the popularity of his art for those youthful and young at heart. His signature style can be recognized in galleries, movies, television shows, and in both private and corporate collections worldwide. His art has a universal appeal to those who are looking to add a lighthearted, witty image to their environment. Although inspired by many, Will admires the works of Modigliani, Gauguin, and Balthus. Will himself is an inspiration to those around him; his down-to-earth and friendly nature make him a well respected and esteemed artist.