Motorcycles and Scooters (31 - 40)

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Go Modern with a Go Triumph Motorcycle Poster Fine Art of other types Ė like a 1934 BMW Weltrekorde; Vespa Grand Sport Fine Art; Ducati 60 (or how about a Gorgeous Woman on a Ducati?); Dresch 1935 500CC Motorcycle from 1935, FranceÖ among others. Harley Davidson is synonymous with American design, but there were plenty of other motorcycle manufacturers out there during the early Twentieth Century. Take for example the Automoto designed in France from 1901 to 1962. We have a print that shows an ad from the early 1900s. Itís a wonderful reproduction of what the advertising posters were like back in the old days. The print features a silhouette of a French manís head over a motorcycle.