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Norma Jean then worked at a factory for awhile, until a photographer named David Conover spotted her on his photo shoot for a magazine that highlighted women of soldiers in the war. Not only was he enamored by her abilities in front of a camera, but he began sending other photographers and modeling gigs her way, which would be the kick-start of her modeling debut. Within a couple of years, the young Marilyn?s career expanded as the camera and the agents loved her. As much as she loved being in front of the camera, she decided to take drama classes and studied notable actresses like Lana Turner and Jean Harlow, whom she idolized. Little did she realize that she would soon become more famous than those very starlets she so admired. When her husband Jimmy returned from his civil duties, Marilyn (who was then still known as Norma Jean) had to face a decision of pursuing her career or staying married. The divorce was finalized in 1946 and soon thereafter, she dyed her hair blonde and changed her name officially to Marilyn Monroe. Her career blossomed as she enrolled in the movie and film business, with a few small roles growing into big parts as a budding Hollywood butterfly. By the ripe age of 27, Marilyn?s fame had reached diva status and an award as ?Best New Actress? in 1953 only made the undeniably gorgeous Hollywood starlet?s status even more extraordinary. Sexy Marilyn Monroe caught the eye of baseball heartthrob Joe DiMaggio, who arranged a dinner date with her through his agent. Throughout the two-year relationship, the couple had challenges because of Marilyn?s popularity with thousands of men. She performed for Korean troops while on their honeymoon in 1954 and almost caused a riot, but DiMaggio?s known jealousy caused their marriage to last only a short nine months.