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Vintage Corsets Baleinine Incassables

Corsets Baleinine Incassables by Alfred Choubrac Five beautiful women show off their ankle-length turn of the century corsets. Choubrac was one of the pioneers of French poster art; in 1884, when Maindron published his first article on posters, he listed only nine active posterists known to him, and included the three poster artists whose work made up the first poster exhibition, held that same year in the Passage Vivienne in Paris: Alfred and Leon Choubrac and Jules Cheret. Clear, deliberate outlining of his subjects was one of Choubrac's trademarks; the other was gentle humor and whimsy. Both traits manifest themselves charmingly in this design for Corsets Baleinine Incassables. At the turn of the century, all women wore corsets, whether they were generously proportioned or as skinny as Polaire, who reputedly used a dog collar for a belt. Here we have a cavalcade of belles in their corsets with stays made of unbreakable whalebone for softness, elegance, and long wear. it comes as no great surprise that during the Belle Epoque the textile industry was humming: After the corset it took a camisole, blouse, petticoats, and ankle-length dress before the wearer was ready to face the outside world.

The quick frame option comes ready to hang and framed as shown, with acrylic glass and a solid wood black frame, no mats.

Vintage Corsets Baleinine Incassables
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