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Thermes Liegeois/Casino

Abdy terms this de Fuere design for a health spa and casino in Liege, Belgium, one of the most seductive of his posters. The elegant model is luring gamblers to spend great sums at the table. She is wearing a bright orange dress of great allure, with a train trimmed with peacock-feather embroidery. Dresses like this were made from de Feures designs, and were much admired. Clothes were then considered a branch of the fine arts, and to an extent denoted the wearers artistic sympathies (p. 152). Although de Feures earlier female faces and figures are full of complexity, Milman indicates that in the artists last posters, such as this one, they shed their psychological dimension and various aspects of the feminine mystique to take on a merely decorative function (De Feure, p. 204). The large space at right has been left blank so that changing attractions can be easily inserted. This beautiful piece, part of an exclusive line of incredibly high quality commemorative edition Giclee prints, is printed on a thick, 100% acid free, imported heavy archival stock. The finest museum standard archival water-based organic inks and paints are used to produce a stunningly brilliant piece with a rich, non-glare matte finish. It is a wonderful reproduction of a vintage Mexican travel / tourism advertising art poster for travel to Mexico.

The quick frame option comes ready to hang and framed as shown, with acrylic glass and a solid wood black frame, no mats.

Thermes Liegeois/Casino
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