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Ingham Marsala Wine by Marcello Dudovich Giclee Print

This is an amazing fine art giclee print of a rare vintage advertising poster for Ingham Liquor by Marcello Dudovich featuring a cherub. Vineyard goddess squeezing grapes into goblet held by cherub. Working for Ricordi in Milan from 1906 on, the Trieste born Dudovich established himself as Italys leading posterist. For the Ingham brand of marsala, a fortified Sicilian wine, he portrays a vineyard goddess robed in filmy green, squeezing grapes into an oversize goblet held by a gallant cherub. Cherubs were a favorite motif of Dudovich, charmingly used, they were sure to create immediate and sympathetic attention.

The quick frame option comes ready to hang and framed as shown, with acrylic glass and a solid wood black frame, no mats.

Ingham Marsala Wine by Marcello Dudovich Giclee Print
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