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Anisetto Alberti Knight Liquer Fine Art Giclee Print

This is a wonderful reproduction of a vintage Italian liquor advertising art poster for 'Anisetto Alberti' by Mauzan in Italy. It features a knight in a suit of armor opening a bottle of liquor. Ah, brave knight, heavy hangs the mantle of victory upon your weary shoulders. What better way to reinvigorate yourself than with a sweet nip of courage, and if there be a choice more appropriate than Alberti anise liqueur, you know not of it. A wonderful study in contrasts from the mind of Mauzan: although this gallants armor, plumage and finery is of the highest caliber, it's the desperation in his eyes and his clumsy, yet determined swordplay that fills the design with comic urgency.

The quick frame option comes ready to hang and framed as shown, with acrylic glass and a solid wood black frame, no mats.

Anisetto Alberti Knight Liquer Fine Art Giclee Print
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