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Vintage Oriental Mayami Perfume Cosmetics Giclee Art Print

This is a fine art giclee print of a vintage Oriental advertising poster for cosmetics. 1921 Promotion for the Mayami cosmetic firm. According to Websters Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, the primary meaning for the word cosmetic is of relating to, or making for beauty. It also defines it as a decorative; ornamental. In other words, this Kosel/Gibson collaboration is the total package, creating a nearly kitch-esque promotion for the Mayami cosmetic firm, complete with all the faux-Oriental Art Deco trappings so popular with the 1920 in-crowd, while adding a tad of lush visual luxuriance to a somewhat sullen Austrian streetlife Little is known of Gibson, save for his first name and that he was a posterist who frequently worked alongside the better known Kosel from 1921 through 1929. Rare!

The quick frame option comes ready to hang and framed as shown, with acrylic glass and a solid wood black frame, no mats.

Vintage Oriental Mayami Perfume Cosmetics Giclee Art Print
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