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Amazing Woman Shoe Advertisement Giclee Art Print

1921 Woman luring us to buy Peters Fall line of solid leather, strongly put together Diamond Brand Shoes. I have to be hones with you: I don't know who Peter is and I couldn't pick out a single pair of his shoes from a lineup of other solid leather, strongly put together examples of footwear. And to be frank, at the moment, I couldn't care less. Not with this stunning seductress, envisioned by practically-unknown Pressler, gazing teasingly back at me from the glow of her upheld Chinese lantern as she leads me deeper into her Garden of Earthly Delights. Judging from the look on her face, coupled with the bare invitation and flawless flow of her alabaster shoulders, I doubt that shes taking me to some secret gazebo in order to present the peters Fall line. At least I hope not. Unless she was going to be modeling them without wearing.Im sorry. What was I talking about again?

The quick frame option comes ready to hang and framed as shown, with acrylic glass and a solid wood black frame, no mats.

Amazing Woman Shoe Advertisement Giclee Art Print
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