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Jungfraubahn Winter Fest Ski Fine Art Vintage Giclee Print

This is a vintage fine art giclee print by Emil Cardinaux. Cardinaux executed a number of posters for the Jungfrau Railroad, this being one of his final, as well as finest, efforts for them. It is an excellent example of his work. Note how he achieved the perfect icy blue shade for the side of the glacier and how the addition of the sightseers at the top adds not only to the interest of the scene, but also emphasizes the mountains grandeur in relationship to them. And as we are selling Switzerland in all of its glory for natives and visitors alike, the extremely large flag makes its own special graphic point. The Jungfrau (German: ' virgin' ) is the highest peak of a mountain massif of the same name, located in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps, overlooking Wengen. The other two peaks are the Eiger (3,970 m) with its famous north face, and the Mönch (4,099 m).The summit of the mountain was first reached in 1811 by the Meyer brothers of Aarau. Once difficult to access, the Jungfraubahn cog railway now runs inside the mountain, up to the Jungfraujoch railway station at 3,454 m (11,333 ft), the highest in Europe.

The quick frame option comes ready to hang and framed as shown, with acrylic glass and a solid wood black frame, no mats.

Jungfraubahn Winter Fest Ski Fine Art Vintage Giclee Print
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