Vincent Van Gogh Giclee Prints (41 - 50)

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From an early age, Vincent Van Gogh knew that he shared the same name as a stillborn brother that was born a year before him. This fact always seemed to bother him and Van Gogh always referred to his childhood as cold, gloomy and boring. Van Gogh’s first name “Vincent” was used several times in the family and it was common practice back then to reuse a name. There were several artists in the family (three uncles) and it seems that becoming an artist was in his bloodline, although Vincent Van Gogh turned out to be the most famous artist after his death. He was insecure and highly emotional, which contributed to many of his life’s problems. As the son of a pastor, the early years of Van Gogh art were less depressing than his later years. Paintings such as Almond Branches Almond Blossom, Still Life with Quinces Giclee Art Print, and the Bible by Van Gogh are examples of his early disposition prior to heartbreak and tragic events. After leaving his home and several elementary schools, Van Gogh landed at the Willem ll College in Tilburg in the Netherlands. Before he decided to become an artist, Vincent Van Gogh dabbled in such employment positions like a bookstore sales clerk in Belgium, an art salesman, teach, preacher and missionary worker in a poor mining community. All of these positions did not last because of his strange behaviors. Thus, Van Gogh went to art school and was taught to draw fine art from a prominent man by the name of Constantine C. Huysmans; who was a good artist with some fame himself. As with many of his endeavors, Van Gogh didn’t stay long and left the school in 1868.