Vincent Van Gogh Giclee Prints (61 - 70)

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After love failure number three, Van Gogh began to get into oil painting. The Vincent Willem Van Gogh painting collaborated with Anton Mauve. After the split with Sein, Van Gogh moved to the Dutch province of Drenthe to do the loneliness routine. During this period he started to get some outside interest in his work. The magnificent painting “the Potato Eaters” – shown here at Enjoy Art – was exhibited for the very first time. From 1881 to 1883 Van Gogh completed over two hundred oil paintings and fine art sketches. He was a busy artist during this time period. After awhile Van Gogh moved to Antwerp and studied color theory with other famous artists. It was a time when he began drinking heavily and basically lived on coffee, cigarettes and bread. Not a very good diet. In 1885 Van Gogh painted the famous ‘Skull’ giclee on canvas with the burning cigarette oil painting. This wall canvas may have been the darkest Van Gogh painting, yet the most symbolic of his short life. In 1886, he moved to Paris. It was in Paris that Van Gogh studied popular artists like Claude Monet and Paul Signac; where he learned how to do the pointillé painting style – using methods of applying small dots on the canvas – resulting in optical blends of colors that can be seen in Van Gogh oil paintings such as the Henri de Toulouse 1887. Enjoy Art has this painting in oversized wall print or stretched canvas.